Vincent Van Gogh allegedly only sold one painting during his lifetime. Edgar Allen Poe never made enough money from his work to cover his living expenses. Galileo Galilei’s discoveries were not recognized by the scientific community until almost 300 years later. Nick Drake, tragically, is also one who achieved more success after he passed away than he did when he was alive. Nick Drake composed the song “Pink Moon” late in 1971, but it wasn’t until Volkswagon used the song in a commercial did his music find a large audience. Here is VW’s commercial:

At the intersection of VW’s storyline of a group of friends enjoying the evening out under the stairs and Drake’s song Pink Moon lies the essence of the perfect evening. And that is what I would like to do this Sunday for the Pink Moon.

Pink Moon

The Pink Moon is the term used to describe April’s full moon, as it typically occurs during the time that the pink phlox blooms. For us in the Midwest, it is the time that things really start kicking for spring. The Pink Moon this year occurs the evening of April 29.

Coincidentally, a number of planets are also visible this weekend. Venus rises with the full moon, and Jupiter follows an hour later. Then Saturn rises just after midnight, with Mars rising an hour after that. I’m hoping to catch the Pink Moon/Venus/Jupiter celestial show and to share that show with my bride and daughter.

The Party Planning Committee

But the real reason I want to plan a party for the Pink Moon is this: as I get older, I recognize the role of seasons in my life. The Pink Moon signifies the season of spring, of life reborn. I saw that today in the smile from a 5 week old baby, and the ultrasound of our second grandbaby who is on the way. I also saw life reborn at the funeral for a friend’s 91-year-old grandmother.

The grandmother was a Christian lady, and is enjoying life with her Creator now. And what I saw being reborn today is like that heavenly life, where one cannot see it squarely on. I saw life reborn in this woman’s grandchildren, her great-grandchildren, and her one great-great grandchild. I saw through the stories shared this woman’s personality, values, and beliefs coming alive again in her decendants. No one can plan that out, but we all hope for it.

And so I want to see some rebirth on Sunday too. I want to see further fanning of the flames of romance and love between me and my bride. I want to continue to evolve my expressions of love for our youngest teenage daughter, expressions that she can see yet doesn’t interfere with her march towards independence. I want to continue my adult relationships with our adult children, walking with them more as friends now instead of parental vision.

So this party will symbolize all that for me as I continue my own rebirth during this deliberate year. The other participants at the party will see it as a time to share time in fellowship. I will see it as the Pink Moon rising during the spring of my Deliberate Year.



Photo by Melanie Magdalena on Unsplash

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