One of the many issues I have being an overweight middle-aged dude trying to lose weight is the fact that I cannot eat the foods I really want to eat. Where my willpower breaks down like a house of cards left out in a hurricane is when I realize that I might not be able to eat my favorite foods anymore. So I binge on them in anticipation of never eating them again. The trouble is, I don’t ever start on the food plan. So like a fisherman changing lures when he’s not getting any bites, I’m going to change up my plan to stop getting bites. That sounded better in my head.

I figure if I make out a list and schedule when I can have my favorite foods, it’ll accomplish two things. It will help me moderate how often I eat my favorite dishes, and it won’t put those thoughts into my head about never having those foods again. Now, my food bucket list approach is different from other food bucket list articles such as this one that encourages you to eat a sinkful of ice cream or an 11 lb pizza. Both of which sounds really good, but only if one is on the Mcguire twin diet. Other sites encourage you to look beyond one’s own city/state/country borders for food ideas. This site by the 360 degree world food traveler brings to your iPad new and exciting cuisines for your viewing pleasure. Check out the Bánh Mì. Too bad Subway doesn’t serve those.

But for my deliberate action today, I’m going to start scheduling my favorite foods throughout the year. This is my best attempt at moderation. And it looks like I can have one of my favorite main dishes every other month.

  1. Desserts
    1. Bread pudding – September
    2. Pumpkin pie – Thanksgiving
    3. Blueberry pie = August
  2. Drinks
    1. Eggnog – Christmastime of course
    2. Raspberry lemonade – summer
    3. Strawberry lemonade – summer
  3. Main dishes
    1. Wet burrito from the local pub – February, to chase the cold away
    2. Brisket plate from the local BBQ – July
    3. BBQ chicken pizza from the local pizza place – May
    4. General Tso’s chicken from the local Chinese place – April
    5. KFC dark meat meal with potatoes and coleslaw  – June
    6. Vitale’s supreme pizza – first weekend in March

As I remember other favorites, I’ll add them to the list.



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