Last week I was reading a summary of Tom Brady’s book. It’s an interesting read, and I really admire his dedication and discipline, not only to his football skills but to how religious he keeps his body in prime operating condition. If only he were a good looking guy. Anyways, in addition to his six-pack abs, steely chin, blue eyes, and chiseled physique, he professes to have a very sharp mind, to which he had referenced using Brain HQ as a means of keeping said brain sharp. I would love to keep my brain sharp. My first thought is that keeping my brain sharp would give me an advantage in completing my deliberate year. My second thought was perhaps keeping my brain sharp might help me prevent dementia.

Researching the topic of dementia I found that, in order to reduce my risk for dementia, I should not be obese, not have diabetes, and control my blood pressure. Hmm, only 1 out of 3. And reading articles on diabetes, dementia is sometimes considered type-3 diabetes. So watching my sugar levels is apparently paramount for my efforts to prevent dementia. And considering that I know when I have sugar the quantity of food that I have that day goes way up, I should be able to solve two issues with one solution. Which I am doing, with my low-carb diet and attempt to keep my sugar levels below 20 grams a day.

Are there additional things I can do to help preserve my memory? Well, yes, I’m glad I asked, there definitely are things I can do to help reduce my risk of dementia.  The Alzheimer’s Society lists 7 ways to do that:

  1. Keep physically active – check
  2. Don’t smoke – check
  3. Eat a healthy diet – check (mostly)
  4. Moderate alcohol – check
  5. Take control of your health (check)
  6. Keep a healthy weight (working on it)
  7. Give your brain a daily workout

And multiple other websites have similar lists. Since I checked off most of those items, it is item #7 that I need to start doing. There is no guarantee that giving my brain a daily workout will really do anything, but it can’t hurt as long as it doesn’t waste my time. And I need to actually believe it will work, based on this study. If I don’t believe it will do anything, I lose any effect of the training.

So my deliberate action for today consists of this:

  1. Using the games found here at
  2. Use the free version of Brain HQ

Neither site really says how long I should do the training each day, so I’ll have to play it by ear so it doesn’t impact my planned time. I’ll post in a future day on my results so far, probably in 60 days.

Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash

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