“Deliberately setting goals that exceed my capacity” sounds rather dull. But dull doesn’t mean lack of value. This day tacks onto my Day 43 post about Giving My All at Work. From the Day 43 post I’ve been slowly retraining myself in the technologies I use everyday in order to become an expert in them. Parallel to that, I am going to stretch myself by writing out my goals for my work day. I first will take a baseline, and see what my normal capacity is. It will be a little tough as no task is ever the same. But I’ll do my best on estimating what I tend to get done.

Then, I’ll see if I can increase my goals for the day by 10%, and keep increasing until I hit a limit. I won’t stress about not hitting my goals for the day, I will merely set the goal out there, and see how close I can get.

It’ll require a bit of finesse as well, because I do get walk-up questions and other interruptions.

But a deliberate attention to how much I get done should result in reaching goals I haven’t met in quite a while.



Photo by Aman Bhargava on Unsplash

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